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MetService (Te Ratonga Tirorangi) compiled hourly data from weather stations around the country, with the data ranging from January 1993 to August 2022.


The data is available in CSV files, one per weather station (the location name and coordinates are encoded in the filename), with the following columns:

  • Dir (°T)

  • Speed (kt)

  • Max Gust Hourly (kt)

  • Vis

  • Weather

  • Clouds

  • Temp (°C)

  • DewPt (°C)

  • RH (%)

  • MSL Press (hPa)

  • Rain Hourly (mm)

  • Radn Hourly (MJ/m²)

See the file Hourly_About_Jan1993_Aug2022.xlsx in the data archive for more detailed information on the data format.



The data is made available under CC-BY-4.0.